• Serving the greater Grand Forks area

    Serving the greater Grand Forks area

    The professional technician is the back bone of our industry. Auto Value Express is committed to supporting the professional technician with quality products, quick delivery, and exemplary service.

Auto Value Express
Grand Forks, ND
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Auto Value Express - Your Local Wholesale Warehouse

Extensive Inventory

Auto Value Express features a huge inventory of parts to keep your lifts busy and your bays profitable. Don’t call us for air fresheners or fuzzy dice; we only carry the ‘meat and potato’ items, and plenty of them! Adding our ‘no hassle return policy’ to the recipe helps make us the perfect business partner.

On-Demand Delivery

Having the right part is only half the battle. When necessary, we can run the part out to you right away. Without retail business to worry about, we can focus all of our attention on your needs and your success.

Brand Name Products

Our company features the brands trusted by service professionals worldwide. We take form, fit and function very seriously at Auto Value Express.

48 Hour Labor Claim Resolution*

Stuff happens and when it does, we can help you cover your costs of legitimate re-repairs with our 48 Hour Labor Claim Resolution program. Fix the problem, take care of your customer, and let’s move on together.

Certified Service Center Program

Our program provides your business with the extra horsepower needed to compete with the national chains, without losing your local identity and independence. Enjoy access to proven programs that help maintain a profitable car count, enhance your professional image, and improve your bottom line.

Technician Training Programs

The times are changing, and will continue to change. We provide multiple opportunities during the year to make sure that you are up to speed on the latest and greatest. A well-trained industry is important to everyone and helps guarantee a bright future for the entire aftermarket.

Service Dealer eConnections

Auto Value Express offers a complete menu of programs that allow you to look up and order parts electronically, look up labor, print estimates, and repair orders. Plus, it’s available seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

*Limited to $50 per hour based on Chilton rates – maximum of $150 per incident.

Direct to your door!

(701) 775-1134
1709 Dyke Avenue
Grand Forks, ND 58203

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